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Eversheds Sutherland / Mobile App for Navigating Texas Courts

Map: Federal, State, Appellate Courts
Map: Federal, State, Appellate Courts
Map: Federal, State, Appellate Courts Courts: Hours, Location, Contact, Judge Details Judges: Biography, Contact, Court Details Briefcase: Save and Email Items People: Texas Litigation Attorneys

Eversheds Sutherland is a global law firm with more than 2400 attorneys. We built the Texas openCourts App to help lawyers and paralegals navigate the complexities of the Texas court system.

In Collaboration With:

  • Eversheds Sutherland’s business development, marketing and technology teams, and attorneys

Our Role:

The Texas court system is especially complex—there are hundreds of courts and judges, each with unique rules and procedures across federal, state and appellate districts and counties. Sutherland’s team conceived of the ultimate app to help lawyers and paralegals navigate the court system by aggregating court information that is currently found across hundreds of websites. We designed and built iOS and Android versions of the app, along with a content management system (CMS) for Sutherland staff to manage the app content and send push notifications to app users.

Texas openCourts allows users to easily navigate Texas federal, state and appellate maps to access court and judge contact information including court addresses and phone numbers of key chamber contacts. Users can also access biographical descriptions of Texas judges and local rules for federal judges. The app searches by district, county, court and judge and includes a “Favorites” feature for users to save content for quick access. Users can also drop items into a “Briefcase” and email them to themselves or colleagues.

Other useful features include a list of all Sutherland Texas litigation team members and a unique “Courthouse of the Month” section highlighting a new courthouse each month.

The app stores all data offline, so users do not need an Internet connection.

Unique Technical Features:

  • Full-text search feature to easily locate information in the app
  • Offline storage of all data for use without an Internet connection
  • Custom push notifications managed via the CMS
  • Appcelerator Titanium employed for iOS and Android cross platform compatibility