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Insurance Information Institute / Large Association Website, CMS, and Blogs

Home: Illustrative of Extensive Site Content
Home: Illustrative of Extensive Site Content
Home: Illustrative of Extensive Site Content Videos: Embedded Videos by Insurance Topic Drupal CMS Admin: Content Editing Screen Example WordPress Blog: Straight Talk Blog WordPress Blog: Terms & Conditions Blog

The Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) is an insurance industry supported organization that provides information on insurance subjects to the media, governments, universities, the public, and others. We built an extensive website and Drupal based CMS to support their public outreach and member’s only activities.

In Collaboration With:

  • I.I.I marketing team

Our Role:

Each year the I.I.I. staff works on more than 3,700 news stories and handles more than 6,000 requests for information. If there is a large disaster in the world, I.I.I. is typically the organization quoted on behalf of the insurance industry.

We built the I.I.I website and CMS application to support I.I.I’s outreach activities. The site displays thousands of public and member’s only content items and is powered by an extensive Drupal CMS implementation and customization that the I.I.I. staff uses to easily manage the site content.

Devising the information architecture for the site was an especially complex assignment because of the large number of content types and the unique relationships among them. The site includes articles, publications, videos, white papers, press releases, directories, presentations, Spanish versions, and more.

We are also responsible for maintaining and enhancing a handful of WordPress based I.I.I blogs.

Unique Technical Features:

  • On-demand compilation of site sections into printable PDF files
  • On-the-fly formatting and column sort capability for complex tables
  • Ability to snapshot time-sensitive content for auto-archiving
  • Multi-lingual features
  • Drupal CMS with a variety of custom modules