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Jackson Lewis / Law Firm Website and CMS

Firm Website: Home Page
Firm Website: Home Page
Firm Website: Home Page Firm Website: Attorney Biography Example Firm Website: Interactive Office Map Firm Website: Publication Example Mobile Viewport: Attorney List

Jackson Lewis is a law firm that specializes in workplace law and has over 800 attorneys across 40 offices. We built the firm’s new website and CMS including a range of cutting-edge user experience features.

In Collaboration With:

  • Jackson Lewis marketing and IT teams
  • Behavior Design for information architecture, site branding, and design

Our Role:

We handled all technical aspects for the new Jackson Lewis Website. The project started with a thorough joint analysis and complete overhaul of the current site taxonomy to improve the structure and content organization. The site design is highly responsive and adaptive, with page layouts and content adjusting in real-time according to all desktop, tablet, and mobile viewport dimensions.

Visitors are provided with a collection of useful content customizations. For example, the office nearest the visitor is automatically featured based on GeoIP lookup instead of using the HTML5 location feature which requires user input. Other content such as the home page is customized in real-time based on preferences in users’ accounts.

Visitors can create accounts using their email address or LinkedIn credentials to bookmark content and create a customized news feed by registering to follow specific people and topics of interest at the firm. They can also download individual pages as PDFs or add them to a “briefcase” while browsing the site. In the briefcase, the user can sort the collected content and then email or generate a single PDF with all the saved information in the order they chose.

The blog section is also unique because it automatically consumes new posts behind-the-scenes from other Jackson Lewis controlled blogs (at different domains and different servers) and categorizes and presents them in the appropriate practice and people pages on the main site.

Jackson Lewis wanted the site implemented on an open source CMS platform so we developed the site using a highly customized implementation of Drupal. We also setup and configured the site in a robust cloud hosting environment at FireHost. 

Unique Technical Features:

  • Responsive/adaptive design provides one experience and code base across all desktop and mobile devices
  • Dynamic PDF generation for individual or combined content types in Drupal
  • Content is customized according to GeoIP techniques and user account preferences
  • User accounts provide subscription, bookmarking, and following features
  • Content from firm blogs at other domains are automatically consumed into the main site


  • Jackson Lewis Website >
  • Mobile responsive version is accessible on smaller viewports
  • CMS is an internal system