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Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP / Law Firm Website, Microsite, Pitch System, and CMS

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Firm Website: Home Page
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Nelson Mullins is a full-service law firm with more than 550 attorneys, policy advisors, and professionals across 17 offices. We built the firm website, eDiscovery microsite, pitch generation system, and CMS.

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Our Role:

The new Nelson Mullins Website is stylish with a responsive design that adapts to all desktop and mobile screen resolutions. As with most professional service sites, the people are the focus. The people section in this site has especially inviting, high quality photos and a clean, tabbed presentation for biograhy details. The “Idea Exchange” section is also noteworthy. It houses all the firm’s published content including Insights, News, Alerts, Events, and Blogs, and automatically cross-populates this content throughout the site in key areas.

Some of the site’s unique technical aspects include a graphical presentation of the firm’s offices and licensed-in states via an integration with Simple Maps, comprehensive sitewide searching via an integration with Swiftype, and database caching to optimize site speed and overall performance.

As a complement to the firm site, we also built the Encompass Microsite to highlight the eDiscovery practice area—a key business unit. It uses the same application infrastructure and core taxonomy of the firm site to maintain brand consistency, but also has its own identity with a differing logo, color scheme, animations, graphics, and content.

We implemented a Pitch System to enable the marketing staff to quickly and easily generate customized pitch packets using content from the firm website. Staff members can select biographies, service descriptions, and other content using a shopping cart approach then quickly generate a precisely formatted Word document to edit and distribute as a PDF when ready. Settings from generated pitch packets can be saved and reused to create similar pitch packets in the future.

The pitch packet design has an especially intricate structure and format. It includes cover page, table of contents, section dividers, separator pages, sidebars, page numbering, headers, footers, horizontal separator lines, links to external content, and more. The system also includes the ability for marketing staff to merge custom Word documents that they create outside of the pitch system into the generated pitch packets.

The Content Management System enables the marketing staff to manage all content across the website, microsite, and pitch system. To provide the utmost content flexibility, we heavily customized CKEditor, a popular WYSISYG editor, to provide extensive control over text styles and formatting, expandable bulleted lists, collapsible content snippets, horizontal separator lines, columns, and more.

Other unique features of the CMS are security, change auditing, and error tracking. We integrated Authy to provide 2 Factor Authentication verification and built change auditing and error tracking to record user changes and help diagnose issues when needed.

We also normalized and migrated the data from the previous site and set up and configured the new hosting environment.

Unique Technical Features:

  • Responsive front-end architecture that adapts to all screen resolutions
  • Integrations with Simple Maps, Swiftype, CKEditor, SendGrid, and Authy
  • Intricate layout and structure for dynamically generated pitch packets
  • Developed using Laravel, PHP, and MS SQL