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Case Study

Nelson Mullins law firm website, content management, and proposal system

We implemented a new design and a more flexible and powerful content management system (CMS). We also built an easy-to-use proposal system for the marketing team.

Modernizing the web presence and management tools for a historic law firm

In partnership with creative agency Greenfield Belser, we implemented a responsive website with advanced interface features including a range of content types, advanced searching and filtering, accessibility techniques, and speed optimizations - all powered by a custom CMS.

We also built a new microsite for Nelson Mullins’s Encompass team - a fast growing eDiscovery practice area for the firm. The microsite has its own identity with different logo, color scheme, animations, graphics, and content sections but is maintained by the same CMS powering the main firm website in order to centralize data and content management efforts.

We implemented a proposal system that enabled the marketing team to quickly and easily generate customized pitch packets pulling content from the firm site. It also has the ability to add proposal-specific custom content. Staff members can select biographies, service descriptions, and other content using a shopping cart approach, then generate precisely formatted documents with the click of a button. The generated proposals automatically include firm approved design and formatting and a cover page, table of contents, page numbering, sidebars, and other elements.

As in many of our projects, this one also required intensive analysis, normalization, and clean up of existing data in order to migrate the existing site information to the new application.

Nelson Mullins


  • Built on the Nylon Law Firm CMS Platform
  • Integrated robust proposal generation system
  • Cleansed & normalized existing data for import
  • Integrated microsite for a major practice area with firm CMS
  • Configured & maintained hosting environment

Content Management System integration

The CMS enables the marketing staff to manage all content across the website, microsite, and proposal system through an easy-to-use interface and set of tools. It includes 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) integration for security, change auditing for tracking changes, error reporting of any system errors, and control over application settings for easy access to update Google Analytics ID code, email addresses for in-bound forms, and other system settings.

Quickly generated, perfectly formatted proposals

The proposal system eliminates inconsistent content and consistency headaches by pulling from a central database and using a firm approved design layout and structure. It takes just a few minutes to create a proposal.

Burkey Belser
Burkey Belser

President @ Greenfield Belser

Nylon does everything right! They understand your challenges and fold that into the plan. They get that right. The development is smooth and precise at every step of the way. They get that right. They know what a superior product is and they get that right. All of that…right.