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Case Study

Recyclebank rewards program

Recyclebank designed a points-based program where customers earn gift cards based on how much they recycled, as measured by scanners on recycling trucks. Recyclebank partnered with us to build their points redemption program, reporting software, and operations management systems. Over the years, Recyclebank expanded the program across the nation with us serving as their software development team until in-house development staff became necessary for a successful acquisition.

Management of consumer data

Recyclebank customers would receive points based on the weight of their recycled materials and then trade those points for gift cards to their favorite retailers via the Recyclebank website. The program was an immediate success. Recyclebank saw an increase in recycling from happy customers and growing data analytics representing consumer interests. Recyclebank’s partners, such as Starbucks and Target, could leverage the data to offer promotions and help inform expansion decisions into new communities.

Recyclebank relied on us to capture this valuable customer information and make it easy to view and analyze for company stakeholders. The data analysis and insights provided Recyclebank’s leadership team with ideas for expanding into new markets and securing additional retail partners.

Building software applications for a fast-moving startup

We were responsible for building much of the software that made Recyclebank work including:

  • Customer-facing website, allowing for account management, points redemption, and marketing
  • Internal customer support systems, including user directories and management tools
  • Robust reporting tools customized to support hundreds of retail partners
  • Data processing of uploads from regional recycling companies

Because Recyclebank needed to iterate and grow quickly, we utilized rapid prototyping and agile development to address ever-changing needs. Our deep knowledge of Recyclebank’s business and operations allowed us to work both autonomously and collaboratively across the Recyclebank staff.

We were Recyclebank’s primary software development partner for many years until we handed off the infrastructure we had built to a newly formed internal IT team. Recyclebank would go on to be acquired shortly after.



  • Built core applications to support rapid growth
  • Used rapid prototyping and agile development
  • Provided data insights to leadership team
  • Safeguarded sensitive customer information
  • Primary software development partner for initial high-growth phase

Management of sensitive data

The data collected by Recyclebank contained sensitive information that we took care to safeguard. Additionally, as the redemptions program expanded, the size of the data expanded exponentially. We implemented methods for safe storage, backup, and restoration as well as tools for understanding and querying this large dataset.

Complete software solutions

We worked with Recyclebank to conceive of and then develop the systems and infrastructure they needed to grow the business. We provided end-to-end services, from the implementation of the marketing website to the back-end management systems.

Ron Gonen
Ron Gonen

Co-Founder & CEO @ Recyclebank

They were just as capable of querying and analyzing our data as they were discussing our business objectives and how our systems could help us grow. Being able to brainstorm with a development team that really understands your business is a game-changer.